Software & Resources

Main toolset:

My Blender most useful plugins list:

External Blender renderers:

Useful 3D stuff:

  • 123D Catch – creates a 3D models by stiching multiple photos.
  • MakeHuman – flexible character mesh generator.
  • LDraw – an open standard for LEGO CAD programs that allow to create virtual LEGO models and scenes. With LDView for preview and export features. Also LeoCAD as an alternative.
  • Sculptris – 3D free scultping software from Pixologic.
  • MeshLab – Another 3D suite for processing meshes.
  • FreeCAD – Opensource parametric 3D CAD modeler.

Additional useful tools:



  • – web solution for interactive 3D models.
  • – another interactive 3D models site.
  • – Burster webbrowser 3D plugin that uses the Blender Game Engine to integrate the .blend BGE into website.
  • – hosts .swf files.
  • – bring your blend files to the web.

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