Yay! Volumetrics in cycles!

Yay! Volumetrics in cycles! Volumetric clouds in cycles.

How to:

rendertimes with settings similar to above are around 10min in 720p on i7 3770.

other results with this approach:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


6 thoughts on “Yay! Volumetrics in cycles!

  1. Nice tutorial, but it doesn`t work for me. I have seen the tutorial several times and have set all parameters but i only see a thick box-like cloud. Can you give us your example Blend-file please. I can`t see my failor. Thanks.

    1. Well that happens when your smoke domain resolution is pretty high when compared to the particle count. So you could try more particles. Also bake sim a little longer on higher time scale (you can animate time scale parameter to lower value when your smoke gets the right shape).

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