a simple carpet with particles.

for future reference ;)

creating carpet in blender with partle system

-create couple simple meshes (strand instances) set the strand origins to ther roots and group them (ctrl+g while selected), the more different meshes – the better but just couple will do (if you use random size and rotation settings later),
-add particle system to a plane, set emission to start and end in the first active frame and lifetime of the time you want strands to be visible (that will make the particles to show up all at once and will make them visible for the amount of their lifetime),
– turn off physics,
– under render settings choose group and add the group you have created, change size, add some randomness – always helps,
– add rotation with initial directon, add some randomness, phase and phase randomness (play with the settings to get the desired effect),
-increase the particle number to get the strand density you want.


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