Adidas Tango 12.

a quick project somehow related to the upcoming EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine –
– “Adidas Tango 12, official EURO 2012 match ball”.

created in blender, rendered with cycles (4500 passes).
creases are created with displacement texture, aligned with pattern of the diffuse texture, uv’s are simply cylinder projected, except for the tips, as you can see here:

displacement texture was used for bump as well to enhance shading, mixed along (through the add node) with bump texture for the surface definition.
there’s also a slight displace modifier with the generated smoke texture for the spherical shape of the ball, practically invisible for the eye, but rendering the surface imperfect, which helps with the delicate variation of the environment reflections.

a quick note here: Tango 12 panels are bonded thermally, not stitched, so the original Tango 12 ball creases are shallow and regular. the idea of creases on my visualisation is my variation towards predecessor of this ball – stiched the old way – Tango Durlast.

background is semi-transparent, letting through and distributing light (emitting mesh) softly around the ball. lighting is backed up by the environment texture, which brings out the surface bump texture a little more.
raw render is corrected to enhance contrast keeping the tone range of the image as wide as possible.
also featured in choice gallery and as an example of visualisations in blender

little update with another render:


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