modeling or 3d scanning?

when i follow progress in cg, 3d especially, i wonder when we will come to the point when creating 3d content would require just a camera and few clicks…
no, we’re not there yet, not for useable content at least, but it’s just a matter of time. for now such techniques are good for creating reference objects at most, well.. maybe create high poly, very unclean models for further processing with standard 3d software to shape it to decent, useable form.
anyway its very interesting direction, and i can imagine it will become very powerful and useable technique in the future.
an example of such program is autodesk’s 123D catch. still in beta phase and free to fiddle with (probably won’t be free in future), so it’s good time to check possibilities, as it already is quite powerful, especially because you only need a camera and some free time.
this is what i’ve got when i tried something what would be very difficult for any software – bushes. just one note – i’ve captured hd video and extracted single frames from it, if you use good camera with high-res matrix you will get better results.

what is so great about it, you don’t have to worry about modeling, uv unwrapping, texturing… just find interesting object, get your camera and shoot (many) photos. program will do the rest. of course model will be very messy, not to mention texture uv layout, but you can fix that with any good 3d software if you wish and then maybe use objects captured this way in your projects.

there are of course many more programs and projects like 123D catch, but i haven’t checked them yet.


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