My first luxrender image.

i decided to play with luxrender a bit. i’ve set up a little scene – one area light (plane imitating a window) and hdr background image for fill lights and reflections. great feature of luxrender – if you define lightgroups, you can balance intensity and color of lights after image is rendered, which (with physical camera model you have in lux) gives amazing control on your final image.
also tested network render: server on windows with ubuntu and osx slaves works flawlessly, so if you have couple stations available, you can set up little rendering farm very easily.
anyway, nothing fancy, but here’s the result.

i don’t like glass material (standard lux glass2 without tweaking) it’s too clean and transparent. also the table texture (from doesn’t quite fit to the scene i think, but since it’s just a quick test i let it render. real challenge was the “milk” material, even after long render time it shows a lot of noise. it sure could use more tweaking, but it’s too time consuming on my machine.
luxrender version: 0.9 dev.


2 thoughts on “My first luxrender image.

    1. sure, it’s pretty old file but i think i got it.
      ior 1.35
      absorption color [0.728960, 0.707870, 0.589813, 1.000000]
      abs. depth 0.06
      abs. scale 1.0
      scattering color [0.629966, 0.621813, 0.764217, 1.000000]
      scattering scale 2000

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