WebGL with Three.js

have you ever thought it would be nice to present your 3d model right in your browser? rendered realtime, textured, rotatable, interactive, highpoly? using your gpu directly? without any plugins? well, if you haven’t heard about WebGL you should check it out. what you need is one of the supported browsers (list of those you can find under WebGL wiki page or visit the project home and check list of implementions). as you can see the most popular browsers already support this technology and more browsers will join, unless they want to be left out in the world of obsolete, limited solutions of the pre-html5 web. and if you use firefox, chrome or safari you probably already can make use of the WebGL applications, just check here – if you can see spinning box, you are set to go.
view live demo

if you find your browser supporting WebGL, click the image to see the live example. it uses WebGL through three.js library (view more examples on the three.js page).
one thing to mention – you have to export your objects to the proper format, which three.js can use. don’t worry though, you can find exporters and converters here, for blender for example.
three.js isn’t the only way to go, there are other frameworks available.


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