Get Sheet Done – new update: slicing images, removing sprites.

1.3 update brings new features:

– removing individual sprites,

– slicing image to new sprite sheet,

– more sprite filling directions (top to bottom or bottom to top; left to right or right to left),

– basic image operators (scale, mirror, save, reload).






2D Sprite Sheets in Blender 3D.

Simple addon for creating Sprite Sheets in Blender. It can render out an animation directly to sprite sheet or load and combine external images.
Seamless integration, no external software.

Available here.


Get Sheet Done – Blender 3D sprite sheet plugin gets an update.

With 1.1 update addon allows multiple sprite sheets and lets user render out animations from multiple cameras:


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Great way to render an object from different angles at given frame range (may be the same frame range or completely different, up to you).

So if you want to render for example a spritesheet for walking person for isometric 2D game, just set up two cameras from different angles, add two strips and you are good to go! Alternatively you can add two strips with one camera, but with different frame ranges (and rotate the model instead).

Quick setup, single click – and you have your sprite sheet… or sprite sheets.


So… Get Sheet Done

Screen Layout PIE menu.

So with blender’s PIE’s menus, switching screen layouts is really great.

Problem is, PIE’s are filled with options on the fly in alphabetical order, which means you can’t really organize your PIE the way you’d like. So I wrote a little addon that will do just that – simply fill in your Screen Layout  names in addon configuration to the corresponding NumPad values, save preferences and never worry again!

Help section will contain information on how to setup hotkey for the PIE.

This is where you get the addon: link.

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Baking blender procedural 3D textures into 2D tileable images.

If you like Blender’s 3D procedural textures and wanted to use them to produce 2D tileable images in other software, here’s an idea how to bake them.

For undistorted bake result it’s good to use cylinder, if you want to tile across one axis only.
However to tile the image across both axis, you will need to try different approach.
No, not the sphere – the torus!
While it produces some distortion, it’s acceptable for less regular shapes, like cracks etc.

.blend file

Procedural cycles shader for clouds.

Quick walkthrough of shader creation for procedural clouds. When you follow this, you will know how to simply duplicate a cube to get unique cloud for each object.

For more complicated shapes you can simply combine cubes (keeping them as separate objects) or add more noise textures with different blending modes.

And the best thing? It uses very low memory to generate really complicated cloud shapes.

Or use a particle system (instancing a cube with randomized size, rotation etc) and still – each cloud will be unique.


How to fix .bvh files in Blender to easily animate your rigged character. Retarget .bvh to rigify.

How to fix .bvh files in Blender to easily animate your rigged character and export to Unity3D as a spritesheet for a 2D themed platformer-style game.

With tons of free .bvh files available all over internet this will get your rigify rigged character up and running in minutes.

This MakeWalk plugin from MakeHuman makes all bone retargeting a breeze. Well, most of the time.